Finding Direction in the Journey of Life

Lately, it has become more and more evident that the need for self-understanding is present and growing, fast. With the state of our country being virtually in shambles, more and more Americans (and individuals all over the world) are seeking security, peace, and comfort. At some point down this path, many will come to find that all they need to feel safe, secure, and at ease is with us right here, right now. If you’re following the path your soul and the universe (source) are pushing you towards, you will need to understand this concept.

It doesn’t always need to take a life-changing event for us to step back and analyze ourselves and our realities. Sometimes, it is simply a result of seeing and being dissatisfied with your own co-created reality. (and yes, I do literally mean that you are co-creating with God/source/universe, check out this book for more information.)

          When the dissatisfaction is strong enough, we seek answers with the intention of reaching an understanding, but many of us aren’t sure where to start. We read and hear about people “finding themselves,” but it sounds like a corny and egotistical phrase or concept to anyone who hasn’t fully experienced it for themselves (which is also the result of a lack of understanding.)

When considering what it meant to me to find myself, I had to step back and analyze my own experience and what worked best for me, as well as what resources I have used to learn about myself and my overall perspective on it. (and I am always going to be “finding myself,” forever, and so will you.)

First, try to understand that expansion is not a linear experience. There might be periods of time where you feel hindered or stagnant, but that is never the case, so give yourself more credit. You may only be experiencing the growth on a more subtle level, but it is always occurring, always expanding, from anything we say, do, or think, we expand.

What does it mean to me to find myself? Here’s what I think:

• Knowing and understanding your mind, what it is, and detaching yourself from it. (this has been the hardest for me- detachment is not my strong suit)

• Understanding your emotions, thought patterns, belief systems, and paradigms

• Knowing what brings you joy and acknowledging what sets you back

• Topics which intrigue you and topics you enjoy studying

• Knowing and having short and long-term goals, having a clear image of what you want out of life

• Respecting, loving, and nurturing your mind, body, and spirit

• Listening to your body, knowing the root of any physical or mental ailments and actively working to heal or diminish them

• Having the capability to subjectively and objectively observe your thought patterns and beliefs, knowing and reversing any beliefs that serve self-doubt or fear, working to remove them and replace them with new and effective paradigms.

• Knowing your emotional and mental weaknesses, not focusing on them, but acknowledging them and eventually transforming them into strengths.

• Confronting and repairing any previously endured mental, emotional, or physical trauma. This is so important. Probably the most important.

• Having a sense of independence and confidence in yourself and your decisions.

• Knowing your karma and working to create a balance in them.

• Knowing your natal chart and pinpointing important aspects of you chart which you’d like to delve deeper into. ( is the best website for this- please note that the most accurate reading will be done with your exact time of birth. The constellations shift every 4 minutes, so make sure its accurate)

Self-expansion is an extremely fulfilling experience, which I like to believe it’s what life is about. Learning, expanding, teaching, and discovering. We are all here to feed our souls, as well as one another’s, so I thought it might be beneficial to share my personal path with anyone who might be seeking direction.

          My personal recommendation would be to purchase a small journal which you can carry with you everywhere. Hell, even a little pocket journal will suffice if you’re concerned about nosey people. Write down any and all worthwhile thoughts, ideas, or epiphanies you might have. Write down your weaknesses, topics you want to look into, your goals, and try to write at least one sentence or idea daily. Eventually, you will be able to analyze a majority of your beautiful thoughts in one place. This will really help you understand the way you think and feel, which is vital on this journey. If its helpful to you, write down my list. Write each one on a separate page & then take note of any observations or ideas you might have regarding those topics. The overall content of a personal journal, your mind in a notebook, gives you a good idea of what your mind is like.

(I will just tell you- I have read thousands and thousands of “recommendations” on things you “should do daily” and if I did all of these things daily, as recommended, I would have 0 time to do anything else… this is one I can confidently make because I practice this [and only this, aside from meditation] DAILY.)

For further guidance, feel free to reach out to me. I am always more than happy to converse with anyone about anything that spikes their curiosity. We have so much to learn from each other and I am here for it, all the way!

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