Chakra Imbalance Worksheet

In maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one of the easiest ways to determine what exactly you should focus can be done via determining the imbalances of your chakras.

Emotional and physical ailments will express themselves in various ways, whether it be through our reactions, the way we speak to people, the way we treat ourselves, or our general thought processes. Everything is interconnected; from our thoughts to our emotions, from our emotions to our bodies, and from our bodies to our thoughts. Its one big cycle that feeds off one another, so by impacting one, we simutaneously impact the others.

I created an imbalance worksheet for individuals to determine which energy centers they should focus on rehabilitating. Sure, it is helpful to know what each chakra represents, but unless you know which specific traits you express that align with these chakras, you may not do much rehabilitating. You might be surprised what behavior patterns are linked to certain chakras and physical ailments.

A rule for chakra imbalances: if one is excessive, another must simultaneously be deficient. Remember- energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed and transferred, so when one chakra loses its power, another is simultaneously pulling from it, and vice versa.

Ready to take your power back?

Chakra Imbalance Worksheet(1)

Once you complete the worksheet and are aware of what chakras are out of alignment, you can visit my other post (here) that elaborates on how to manage and heal each individual chakra and what works best for each one.

Best of luck!

– G.

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