Chakra Imbalance Activity (Free Worksheet)

If you have ever heard of Chakras, you probably understand the role they play in our health; physical & mental.

An easy & effective way to determine which area of your body (or which chakra) needs your attention is by examining yourself in a subjective manner for any deficient or excessive traits. (Traits further explained below.)

In practicing this activity, we learn about our body and strengthen our self-healing capabilities by recognizing patterns in our overall health and understanding what’s behind them.

Emotional and physical ailments will express themselves in various ways, whether it be through our reactions, the way we speak to people, the way we treat ourselves, or our general thought processes.

Everything is interconnected; from our thoughts to our emotions, from our emotions to our bodies, and from our bodies to our thoughts. Its one big cycle that feeds off one another, and the activity of one chakra simultaneously affects the activity of the others.

Included here is an imbalance worksheet for individuals to figure out which energy centers they should focus on rehabilitating.

(It is helpful to have a general understanding of the chakras prior to working this activity. If you feel like you need a bit more knowledge on the Chakras, check out this link here: A Guide for the Chakras.)

Until you know which specific traits you express that correspond with a deficient or excessive chakra, you might not fully understand what’s making you feel uneasy. This activity can shed light on the behavior patterns that are linked to certain chakras and physical ailments.

A rule for chakra imbalances: if one is excessive, another must simultaneously be deficient, creating an imbalance in not just one, but two Chakras. Keep in mind that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed and transferred.

Ready to take your power back?

Chakra Imbalance Worksheet(1)

Share this with your friends and let me know what your results look like if you’re open to sharing! I am very curious to see what others are learning with this activity.

– G.

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