The Ultimate Acne Guide

Did you know that your feelings and emotions can contribute to your acne, just as your physical health does?

Preventing acne is not always as simple as keeping a clean face. Truth be told, we can wash our face as often as we want, but if we are not treating the real cause of our acne, we may never be able to maintain clear & healthy skin.

Millions of people struggle with the frustration of break outs. Whether it be a singular zit or a group of blackheads, break outs can pave way for some serious self-esteem issues. Mainstream “knowledge” has lead many to believe that they can only treat acne effectively with medication or by maintaining proper hygiene, hardly ever acknowledging the impact that physical & emotional health has on skin care.

What many people don’t know is that our emotions and the health of our internal organs play a major role in the development of acne.

Our emotions produce hormones, and these hormones have a direct impact on the health of our internal organs, which often is reflected in the quality of our skin. This is the process of the body communicating imbalances.

By linking our physical and metaphysical health to specific parts of the face, we can begin to determine exactly what is causing us to break out.


FOREHEAD: Bladder & Intestines

The health of our bladder and intestines is directly linked to acne on our forehead. If this is an area you constantly struggle with, there are a few things that your body is trying to tell you. Irregular sleep patterns, toxin build-up in our digestive tract and our intestines, as well as poor bladder health can be correlated with these break-outs.

What might surprise you is that the third-eye chakra is also linked to the foreheads complexion. If you consistently feel trapped in your own mind, have pent-up anger, unresolved fear, confusion, or stagnation, these emotions are most likely producing an excess level of hormones and contributing to your acne. 

By focusing on the health of your digestive tract, intestines, and bladder, as well as being aware of the way you process your anger and fears, you can reverse the frequent arrival of forehead acne. Ask yourself, “what past experiences are you holding on to and why?” Be patient in understanding your own emotions and pay attention to your patterns.

Increase probiotic intake, drink more purified (not tap) water and less alcohol, and you can even take enzymes before dinner to assist your gut in breaking down food, especially if you have issues with indigestion.

Brown rice, beans, and oatmeal are great for your bladder (avoid if gluten sensitive or have celiacs disease.) Fermented foods, bananas, artichokes, and cruciferous vegetables will assist in the wellness of your intestines, too.


BETWEEN EYEBROWS & AROUND EYES: Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, & Intestines

When we break out around our eyes and between our brows, our bodies are signaling to us that our liver, stomach, kidneys, or intestines need our attention. (Anything closer to the eyes is more likely in correlation with the kidneys and liver.) There are various ways to manage break-outs in this location.

If you frequently break out around your eyes and brows, your body is likely having a hard time eliminating any toxins you’ve ingested. Drinking sugary beverages and eating processed food in excess can cause damage to the liver and kidneys, causing extra toxins to be released through skin pores. Your body may be dehydrated, or you may be lacking sleep. (5-6 hours a night is not enough! You really should strive to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.)

The emotions that correlate to acne around the brows/eyes are subconscious and conscious fear, weak will-power, poor self-discipline, and the inability to commit to a task/project. When you allow these to be your dominant feelings, you are more likely to experience break-outs in this location.

Dedicate yourself to a hobby or any sort of project that instantly causes your body to produce serotonin and dopamine. (like playing with your favorite pets!!) Integrate more fruit like blueberries, grapes, cranberries, and grapefruit to maintain a healthy liver. Some would say coffee and tea can aid in your liver health, but moderation is key, and obviously try to avoid sweetening these beverages too frequently. (I love sugary coffee.. yikes!)


LEFT & RIGHT LOWER CHEEKS: Liver, Stomach, Respiratory System, & Lungs

Just as the area surrounding your eyes are linked to your liver and stomach, so are your lower cheeks. Though there are slight differences, the same can be suggested in managing acne on your cheeks to heal the liver and keep a healthy gut. In addition to your liver and gut, your dental health is correlated to acne in this location, too.

If you experience frequent break outs on the lower part of either cheeks, it may be your body communicating that you are overeating. This is also a sign that your body is having a hard time with the uptake of nutrients & may not be absorbing them properly. Air pollution is also linked to acne on our lower cheeks, so if you live in the city & don’t get much fresh air, this should be a priority.

When our respiratory system is struggling, or our lung function is compromised, the body attempts to communicate these imbalances via break outs on the lower cheeks. If you are a cigarette smoker, you should obviously try to quit (at least cut down otherwise.) Smokers age & develop wrinkles quicker than non-smokers, as their skin is unable to retain moisture properly. In kicking this habit, you can lengthen your life span AND rehabilitate your skin.

The emotional imbalance which correlates to the lower cheeks are feelings of intense & consistent (or underlying) grief, sadness & depression, detachment from what you would normally enjoy, and a longing for an unknown desire.

Get to the root of your sadness, longing, grief, or detachment. What do you need in your life to treat these emotions? Give yourself permission to explore what you might need and invest in finding the solution.

To treat break outs on the cheeks, it is important to make sure the air you breathe is clean. If this is difficult with the city or home you live in, I recommend that you seek a Himalayan Salt Chamber (look online for a location near you) to rehabilitate your lung function. Keep a consistent dental routine with flossing, brushing, and oil pulling to remove any bacteria. Find ways to integrate ginger, turmeric, garlic and onions, as well as pomegranates into your diet.


NECK: Thyroid

Experiencing acne on the neck can be linked to a compromised thyroid. If our bodies are fighting a bacterial infection, or our immune systems are losing strength, our body will attempt to communicate this to us via neck acne.

When our bodies cannot produce cholesterol from the saturated fats we ingest, it prevents us from producing the hormone of pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a hormone that converts into other various hormones responsible for monitoring our immunity. Without the production of pregnenolone, the health of our thyroid diminishes & can result in a weak immune system, or a bacterial infection. Many people suffer from hypothyroidism, which is the result of hormonal and biochemical imbalances in the body.

Energetically speaking, the throat chakra is also correlated to break outs on the neck. The throat chakra facilitates communication, speaking the truth, and verbal expression. If you refrain from speaking up & communicating verbally, you end up with an underactive throat chakra. If you are over-bearing, verbally aggressive, or do not speak honestly, the result would be an overactive throat chakra. These imbalances can also lead to experiencing acne on your neck.

To prevent break outs on your neck, you should try to avoid eating meat or dairy that’s produced with hormones. It is suggested that you switch to grass-fed and free-range meat & dairy products, especially if you eat meat & dairy daily.

Increase your omega-3 intake, as well as saturated fats. Eat foods like walnuts, chia seeds, wild rice, and spinach for omega-3’s. Coconut oil, coconut milk, and cocoa butter are great vegan options for saturated fat intake. (Honestly, I personally think these options are far better than eating lamb or pork for saturated fats.)

In regards to your throat chakra, don’t forget that your words matter and they hold meaning. Do not speak lies, not even small ones, they will always come back to bite you. Work on your communication skills & be open to conversation with kind strangers. If you have a throat chakra imbalance, you may already be aware of what the problem is, as it is very easy to diagnose!


NOSE: The Heart & Large Intestine

The health of our heart & large intestine is often reflected in break outs on our nose. We are more likely to develop acne in this area when our bodies have an acidic pH level, when our blood pressure is increased, or if we have poor circulation.

If you eat a predominantly carnivorous diet, you’re likely ingesting an excess of  saturated fats & any hormones that these animals are injected with. This can cause your body to have trouble digesting food & increase its acidity levels. The intention is to maintain a healthy pH level of 7.

When our self-love & self-acceptance is down, we are more prone to developing acne on our face, but especially the nose. This can also be connected to consistent feelings of shock, anger, & stress. These emotions induce a hormonal reaction in our bodies, releasing cortisol & adrenaline, & the frequency of these hormones can lead to acne on the nose.

If you know you experience those emotions frequently, I recommend that you condition yourself & re-learn your beliefs and mental paradigms. Self acceptance and self love are vital to having good health. If you struggle with good self esteem, I encourage you to find ways to rehabilitate your self confidence. (Maybe start with a good book?)

To confront the physical aspect of acne in this area, aim for a more alkaline diet. Eat more garlic, greens, & raw foods. Integrate reishi mushrooms into your diet, even as a supplement, & avoid eating grains too often. If you eat a lot of spicy food, limit yourself. Moderation is key. If you frequently eat meat and dairy, aim to eat only grass-fed, range-free, hormone-free products. I promise, it makes the greatest difference.


AROUND LIPS: Hormones, Intestines, & Reproductive Organs

When our hormones are irregular, we are more prone to experiencing break outs around the mouth. The health of our intestines (which has shown up multiple times now, so you know its important) & our reproductive organs are also related to this acne-prone area. Irregular periods, frequent bloating, and menstrual issues are signs of poor reproductive health or imbalanced hormones, which can result in acne developing here.

As a female, it is quite easy for us to spot our hormonal imbalances due to the fact that our menstrual cycles communicate with us. When we pay attention to our cycles and patterns, we recognize what is “regular” for us & can determine what is not. Being observant of menstrual & ovulation cycles assist women in keeping good reproductive health. For men, it is not as simple, but that is where their skin is their key communicator.

As a man, if you notice you break out around your mouth frequently, your skin may be trying to communicate a hormonal imbalance to you. The easiest way to determine whether it is your intestines or your hormones is by paying attention to how your body reacts when you eat. If you experience digestion issues, it might mean the health of your intestines are to blame for acne in this area. If there are no digestion issues, the acne is more than likely a result of your hormones.

Emotions that make us vulnerable to breaking out around the mouth are anger, frustration, & constant irritability. If you often feel moody, act bitter, or hold resentment in your heart, confronting these emotions may be whats needed to get clear skin.

To manage break outs around your mouth, consider your hormones. If you want to know exactly which ones are imbalanced, visit a physician and have them test your hormone levels. If you experience a lot of stress, focus on cutting anything out of your life that causes you unnecessary stress.

No job, no career, & no person is worth sacrificing YOUR health for. Frequent stress induces a chronic adrenaline & cortisol response, which results in insulin and blood sugar issues. Include more fiber in your diet to assist your digestive system and intestines, and as usual, eat more raw and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now that you have the understanding of what is causing your acne, you can take preventative action by making any dietary or lifestyle changes necessary.

It is still recommend to wash your face in the morning or at night. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells, giving new cells the chance to grow. This can help prevent developing wrinkles & makes your skin look & feel much smoother. By exfoliating, you are also removing any skin that may have bacteria trapped beneath it. 

After exfoliating, be sure to use a sulfate & alcohol free moisturizer. If you are like me & like to use natural products, you can use shea butter, cocoa butter, or a small amount of coconut oil instead. 

Viola! You officially have the knowledge and tools necessary to create a new skin care regiment designed just for you.

I would love to hear what your skin care regiment looks like! Do you have great skin? If so, how do you maintain it? Share your tips!

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