Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Worksheet

The impact that Emotional Intelligence has on our lives can be positive or negative, depending on the individuals level of awareness. The way we treat others and ourselves, our reactions, habits, impulses, and thoughts can all be connected to our Emotional Intelligence.

The advantage of knowing where you stand is immense, as it gives you the opportunity to place focus where necessary within the four components of Emotional Intelligence.

The four components of Emotional Intelligence are as follows:

1) Self- Awareness
2) Social Awareness
3) Self-Management
4) Relationship Management

The worksheet below is a great resource to figure out where you stand in the four components. There are brief descriptions of the point scoring that can provide the individual with a sense of understanding in their level of awareness.

This worksheet is only intended to provide guidance and should be used as a resource to further understand yourself. This is not a professional EQ test.

Emotional Intelligence Worksheet

Please feel free to share this with your family and friends!

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