5 Secrets to a Satisfying Life; as Taught by Earl Nightingale

Who is this genius, Earl Nightingale?

Let me just start by giving Earl Nightingale credit for the kick in my ass that initiated me to begin this blog.. to begin my life.. and to truly begin LIVING.

Earl Nightingale could be considered the pioneer of the personal development industry, also contributing to shifting paradigms and thinking patterns.

He spoke often on the radio and his talks were recorded on cassette tape for any listener to play it while they drive home. The ones I often find myself downloading are vintage sounding, dating back as old as the 1950’s, and for that I find his words to be even more valuable.

Easy to understand, yet rare combinations of words, the insight Nightingale has given to us has ignited an intellectual revolution in the minds of those who seek betterment.

I couldn’t believe how every word he said was something I already knew, but didn’t put in the perspective that Nightingale has. It awakens you to the way you approach life and can shed light on what it is that you can change which would enhance your quality of life.

Enough rambling- here is the important stuff.

These are 5 of my favorite quotes by Earl Nightingale, which I believe have the potential to enhance anyones quality of life. I believe in and live by all 5 of these concepts, and I hope that after reading this post, you do too.

Secret #1: “We make our greatest contributions to society when we do what we LOVE.”

Let me break this one down, cause it seems to frighten most people I encounter.

When you are doing what you love, you are putting in 100% of your caring effort and almost always giving it your greatest attempt at high quality output.

For instance, say the woman who goes scuba diving in murky waters, searching wrecked boats at the bottom of a silted sea, absolutely adores her “job.” (I don’t like to call it a job, that word has such a bad rep!) This woman will give her best effort 10/10 times, bringing up random artifacts and acknowledging aspects of the wreck that others might have not.

The same applies to the man who loves typing away on his computer, simply entering data into a system. He moves quicker than many and still has high quality output, all because he genuinely enjoys what he does.

These are very basic examples. What do I love doing? I love writing and giving others solutions that they might not have considered before. I love to observe the way others move and think, and because of this, I am much more capable of reading someone psychologically and understanding the way they think.

Simply put- we give our greatest effort when we are doing what we like what we are doing, and this always brings good results. There is no hesitation, no frustration and no stress- only pure enjoyment and satisfaction.

Secret #2: “We are here to serve people (each other).”

I think about this one a lot.

Imagine a world where only you exist. There are no other people to interact with, nobody to talk to or share any experiences with. Life would be very dull and finding any meaning would be difficult. To be on this planet with people we can communicate, create, share, and experience love with is truly a beautiful thing. To be able to serve others is to be able to spread happiness and contribute to the growth and expansion of the human race.

When we serve each other, we often fulfill each others needs and desires. These generous acts end up returning to us with twice as much love, fulfilling our needs and desires in ways we couldn’t predict. Serving others is a great way to create security in your own life, as the universe will never leave those with generous hearts behind.

Not everyone has access to certain resources, education, or physiological support, and by striving to provide others with these resources, we create an immeasurably positive impact on the rest of the world. We reap the benefit of maximum efficiency from society when everyone’s basic needs are properly met and their desires and goals can be reasonably attained.

Secret #3: “Whatever is impressed will eventually be expressed.”

Most of us are familiar with Newtons Law. This universal law teaches that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. This law applies to the energy of our emotions and experiences, too, as they are also a form of energy.

When we feel anger or frustration but do not practice conscious and healthy expression, we hold on to these emotions and store them deep in our subconscious mind. Eventually, the energy of these emotions need to be expressed, otherwise we experience mental breaks, emotional outbursts, and even physical and mental illness.

Often, we find ourselves releasing these pent up emotions through our hobbies, careers, relationships, home environment, or self-care practices.

For example; depressed people, those experiencing frequent waves of sadness and grief, tend to release these energies in bursts. Experiencing a short-term period of high energy levels, completing many tasks in the span of a short time frame, emotions which they’ve held onto for some time are partially released upon exertion of this energy. The cycle continues until the individual becomes consciously aware of these habits and acts to correct them.

Those who embody a more uplifting lifestyle will consciously express the energy of these emotions via healthy outlets. Examples of these can include open-minded conversations, physical activity, creation, writing, or confiding in a trusted source.

Being aware of the emotions we hold on to and aiming to express them in healthy ways can protect us from illness and disease and unwanted conflict with those around us.

Secret #4: “You will become what you think about.”

This statement is often underestimated and frequently seen as a “cliché.” A cliché only becomes that if it is true though, right?

When we consider the future, we must be very specific in what it is that we expect to receive. If we consistently expect conflict in relationships and events, we end up manifesting just that. With a deeper understanding of quantum physics, the understanding that our thoughts are vibrations demonstrates that these thoughts have the power to create.

To the core, a thought is a form of energy, while an emotion is a more powerful (when it comes to creating vibration) form of that same energy. Our thoughts create emotions (example: worrying about the future creates anxiety,) and these emotions put us into vibrational states that enable us to attract certain types of people and situations.

What does this mean? It means that constantly thinking about situations and circumstances that put you in negative emotional (vibrational) states will permit the manifestation of more “negative” situations. If we aim to maintain a positive emotional state (gratitude being the most powerful) we manifest a life that corresponds with that vibration.

Secret #5: “Ask and it shall be given you. For everyone that asketh, receiveth. All you need is purpose and faith.”

I remember when I was 10 years old, I had a major crush on this kid in my class. I was a hopeless romantic as a child, so I thought I was in love with him.

Every night before bed, I would pray and pray for him to reciprocate my feelings for him. For a while, I was only a friend to him. After a month or so of consistent prayer (this is still so funny to me,) I manifested my crush into being my “boyfriend.”

Obviously this relationship was short lived, but it’s the concept that’s important. I had my heart set on fulfilling my desire and as a kid, I instinctly knew that if I continued to ask, I would eventually receive.

Being an adult and manifesting is a bit harder, as we have been conditioned to believe that the harder we work, the more successful we will be, and that success can be hard to come by.

We lose faith in ourselves and believe that only special people get the good things in life. We forget that we, too, are special.

Sure, working hard can pay off. But lets be honest; you can work as hard as you want, but if you have no faith that you will fulfill your desires, then bet your ass you will not.

Step out of your own way, let go of your illusionary beliefs, have faith in yourself that you are more than capable, and then let the universe do the dirty work. It really is that simple.

If you found this blog helpful, please send it to your best friend and share these secrets with them. When we share knowledge that benefits others, we are doing a service for our community and putting good into the world.

Any other secrets you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Hello. Anonymous guy here, this blog post resonates with me quite strongly. The Universe is always listening to us. Every number, every word, color and shape contains a vibration. So we have to be in the right vibration to fulfill our desires. So we have to align our words, thoughts and actions to what we desire. This desire has to come from a good place. A place of empathy, love and selflessness.


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