About G.



But you can call me G, or Gene.

Born on 11.11, with a Scorpio sun & the moon in Cancer, I am an extremely emotional individual. As a child, I was always known to be “aggressive” and “angry.” You could find me shredding up hardcover books by hand, shattering glass, hopping through windows, and yelling at my dad. Turns out that these actions of mine were actually just the result of me having little self-awareness and no understanding of how to manage my emotions and express them in healthy ways.

Throughout middle and highschool, I was known to be extremely moody, and not in a cry-baby way… I would slap people who would make fun of me, choke kids out in the hall, and beat up boys who made me feel insecure. Other days, I could be everybodys friend… you never really knew which Gina you would get.

I was the bullies bully,  in many ways, befriending and protecting those who were made fun of or simply casted out. You could usually find me on twitter, hopping into arguments that had nothing to do with me or picking fights with anyone who I thought deserved it.

It took me until just recently to really understand what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how I could change it. Ultimately, I learned to manage myself, my emotions, my outbursts, & my reactions. I have mastered my body language, learned to redirect my anger into passion and excitement, and no longer feel insecure- ever, under any circumstances.

I have mastered the art of living an authentic life… and I am here to show others how to do the same.

I am currently working towards obtaining my certification to practice Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Since 2013, I have taken interest in and dedicated much of my free time to studying alternative medicine & holistic nutrition, so beginning this program feels like a real step in the right direction for me. It has also solidified in my mind that this is my path; to guide others to living a life they enjoy, in good health, with people they want to be around.

I have had experience, in my personal life and with my loved ones, with addiction and dependency. I have seen and felt the destruction it can cause. I have learned how to love addicts, I have learned how to pull myself out of addiction, and most importantly- I have learned so much about addiction in itself. I feel that this knowledge has given me another advantage in helping others, in whatever ways possible.

I practice reiki, have immense healing capabilities, and a very strong intuition. I can read through just about anybodys body-language and feel what kind of mood they are in (which can become exhausting.)

My real goal, with this website, is to make connections with other like-minded individuals, do a bit of networking, and collaborate with intellectuals and creatives all across the globe. I am working on some big plans, and I need other intellects to bring it to manifestation.

If you are interested in linking up, need some advice/reiki/guidance, or you just want to share something interesting with me, my email is always open!

Email me here.

With so much love, always, G.